This proposal is a model for starting and funding churches. It is not a thrift store business plan. It is an income producing ministry that reaches its customers, volunteers and neighbors for Christ. The thrift store’s ministry is to support our programs that trains disciples Christian leaders. The Thrift Store employees, and the store staff are the church staff. The Thrift Store & Everyday Church will preach the Gospel to 20,000 people annually and approximately 50 people will be baptized each year.


The Everyday Church meets
every day for 30 minutes
of worship and a message.

The Everyday Church:

  • is Simple, Safe, & Sincere

  • meets needs with food boxes, clothes, vouchers and Addiction Recovery Classes

  • make disciples, using the Survival Kit

  • offers marriage and family counseling

  • serves the Lords Supper and Baptizes Believers

  • is Southern Baptist in doctrine, informal in worship, without membership, a Kingdom Cause to start churches by collaborating and cohabitating in the community.

12 noon Everyday Church Service


9am Ministry Moments
(10 minutes of morning devotion)

Strategically Small, Serving a BIG God!

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